Emerging Technologies

Our team has expertise developing systems that utilize emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Internet of Things sensors, and Artificial Intelligence to deliver mission-critical capabilities to our customers. Our in-house lab conducts research and development in these technologies to develop rapid prototypes to help customers understand how emerging technologies fit within their own environment. We possess considerable domain expertise to help customers identify use cases where emerging technologies can transform their operational capabilities.

Our awesome features
Augmented Reality

Computer Vision | Artificial Intelligence | Wearable Devices Our team develops applications that use wearable devices such as smart glasses to collect visual data from a remote, roving user's environment and delivers actionable intelligence and collaboration capabilities by augmenting the user's view. These applications reside in a custom wearable-device platform with a plug-and-play architecture. Customers can choose either a best-of-breed or our in-house computer-vision capabilities/artificial intelligence models and integrate them with domain-specific decision support capabilities to deliver content to a user's augmented reality device. Our platform simplifies operational issues such as network connectivity, bandwidth, mobile device management, and deployment.