Human-centered Design

We specialize in human-centered design for software and product development. Our teams put end users (humans) at the center of the development process with a 3-phase process, Inspiration, Ideation and Implementation, to create products that end users love. Tarkik has extensive experience in following a human-centered design approach to develop design systems, user interface themes, user interface applications and visualizations for Federal Government clients.

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User Experience (UX)

Intuitive | Responsive | Accessible It is essential to establish a design system and theme for product development in large organizations with multiple teams developing products, such as in Federal Agencies and their components. Tarkik has been at the forefront of establishing brand identities and standards for user interface development to provide a consistent User Experience (UX) across the organization. Our team develops UX standards to keep products simple, intuitive, responsive and accessible for multiple audiences across multiple form-factor devices.

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User Interface (UI)

Data Entry | Case Management | Decision Support We have extensive experience developing complex User Interface (UI) applications for public and private sector clients. From form-based data entry applications to complex interactive decision support and case management systems, we have utilized the latest JavaScript development frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. We focus on the needs of users by utilizing an iterative development process with a feedback loop for continuous product improvement.

Our awesome features

Geospatial | Data-Driven Documents (D3) Tarkik develops diverse complex visualizations to support situational awareness initiatives in the Federal Government. We have extensive experience developing geospatial visualizations using open source and commercial Graphic Information System (GIS) software. Our team currently leads a mission-support system, developed using a 3D visualization platform, that monitors and tracks over a million entities on the globe. We develop custom visualizations using the Data-Driven Documents (D3) open source framework and utilize the full capabilities of web standards such as HTML, CSS, and SVG.